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 $280  2 air -1 swab sample
includes inspection using Thermo Images with full  Certified Report 

Welcome to Indoor Environmental Control.

For over 30 years Indoor Environmental Control has been providing  protection for our clients, and reassuring them that their home is free of mold. This has made us one of the leaders in mold detection and  prevention here in Southern California.

IEC is a full service mold inspecting, mold testing and remediation consulting company serving all of Southern California.


Mold Inspection -  Mold Testing           Mold Remediation

Our services include indoor air quality sampling and the preliminary investigation  to aid assessment and the possible causations of suspected molds or fungi contamination
 or commonly found household allergies .

  • Mold screenings
  • Particulate investigations
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Allergen testing for cat, dog, cockroach & dust mites
  • Post-remediation verification
  • Clearance testing
  • Carbon-monoxide & Carbon dioxide testing
  • Infra-red camera investigations    
Your Guarantee is our 10 year Warranty   Mold No More 

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Mold Free Safe Environment

It's nice knowing my family is safe

There is increasing concern about health effects of indoor mold growth because of probable link to  a wide range of symptoms and illness. If you have a mold allergy, immune system overreacts when you breath in mold spores. One defense is to  reduce your exposure to the type of mold that causes your reaction. The best way to  protect yourself and your family is to  check your living conditions that may be directly related to your health problems.

When excessive moisture accumulates in building materials, mold growth occurs. If the moisture remains undiscovered or is not addressed  over a period of time, some molds may produce airborne toxins or irritants.

There  are many ways to  prevent mold growth in your home or business, but once it's there and beyond the scope that an untrained professional can handle,  it's time to call in an expert.

IEC  is a full service mold testing, mold inspection, and mold remediation consulting company serving Southern California.  We are staffed with Certified Inspectors and Mold  Remediators.

For  information about  setting up  an appointment please call our offices at 949 560-0945 or  email us at

Hank Taylor Environmental Hygienist
Indoor Environmental Control
Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688  
License  694256
Bonded  Insured
Sate Lic# 694256

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